Summarize the case in one paragraph and provide your own view in another paragraph.

To emphasize the importance of keeping track of sources and citing them appropriately, let’s analyze famous plagiarism cases this week as you start thinking about the Research Paper.

Complete the following steps.

Step 1: Use appropriate keywords in an Internet search (ex. plagiarism, New York Times, academic, journalism, presidential, etc.) to locate any kind of a case involving plagiarism.  This case may involve journalism, job searches, high school or college, work, advertising, public life, etc.

Step 2:  Check this discussion forum to see if another student has selected this case.

You will receive no credit for your post if another student has already written about this incident in the same way.

However, you may write about it from your own perspective by using a different source that provides a different opinion about the incident.

Step 3: Summarize the case in one paragraph and provide your own view in another paragraph. For example, you could argue that the penalty should have been more or less severe.

Step 4:  Use the APA format to cite your source. (Due Date:  Thursday for the Original Post)

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