Analyze current research and the research applicable to the employment position.

deal Human Behavioral Organization Assignement

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Ideal Human Behavioral Organization

For the course project, you will hypothetically be employed in your dream professional position in a human behavioral organization. The course project will focus on concepts as presented throughout the course units.
Project Objectives
Through successful completion of this project, you will:

Analyze current research and the research applicable to the employment position.
Explain the model (or models) of organizational behavior used in the employment position.
Integrate service or prevention models, skills, and social policy found in the course units into the final project.
Integrate multicultural competence into the final project.

Project Requirements
Your project should meet the following requirements:

The project will be 10 pages long, excluding cover page but including references.
A minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles are required.
Additional resources such as academic books and Web sites can be used in addition to the five peer-reviewed journal articles.
The paper and references must use APA style and formatting.
Written communication successfully conveys your message.

Be sure to refer to the Ideal Human Behavioral Organization course project description to make sure you have included all of the components needed for your final draft. If you need further guidance remember to refer to the Ideal Human Behavioral Organization Project Example and the Ideal Human Behavior Organization project scoring guide. Also, remember that the final project is about you and how you want to incorporate the skills that you learn in this course when you work as a human behavioral professional. This project is not about a topic such as homelessness or addictions.
Submit your work in the assignment area by the end of the unit

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