– Hi, you have done an assignment for me two years ago for order L20140405-10, which is a Faulkner parody creative writing. I really appreciate your creative writing skills and I need your help again.- I need your help on writing a short story or novel for a project of this class. We have been working on history of history of racial formation, class formation and gender formation throughout the history of United States. Most of the materials and readings we went through and analyzed are written in an omniscient narrative or master narrative. But this creative project is intended to create another entry point other than indirect description of people who are struggling in discriminations.- Stream of Consciousness, which Faulkner adopted, creates a very unique experience of the insight of the main character and I found you really good with it. But this short story or novel doesn\’t have to use this particular narrative device. You can adopt whatever plot device you find best to have a deep insight into the struggling main character.- The story could be like a confused african american young man find his relatives being part of the mass incarceration of colored people with minor charges of drug abuse. And his family struggling with the neoliberalism that class formation occurs on the society that \”working hard\” is a fraudulent propaganda and hinders poor people from accessing wealth and social benefits. Story that incorporates discriminations in the society. Also can be gender formation, applying the story to a girl who encounters not only racial formation as a minority but also as girl suppressed by her culture.- I ordered 5 pages but it doesn\’t have to be. 3-4 pages is enough when the story is well narrated.-Thank you.

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