Children of Incarcerated Parents

Write a literature review on your approved topic using, at minimum, the five sources you submitted in your annotated bibliography. Your final review, in addition to the grading criteria found in the Grading Criteria section of this syllabus, must adhere to the following guidelines:
o Must use version 6 of the APA style manual guidelines. Must be written in APA style.
o No more than 10% of your paper will be quoted material from your sources.
o Only one block quote.
o Must contain both direct quotes and paraphrases.
o Should not deal with one article, then another, and then another, in succession. Instead, the article must be written thematically. Develop themes on the topic, derived from your analysis of your sources, use those themes as divisions (dividing your paper into subheadings), and provide a final discussion where you sum things up.
o NO recycled work or using work from other classes, or a previous section of this course. This will result in a zero.
o Do not copy, or otherwise use, information from another source without saying where you got it. That is a fundamental principle of academic writing. In other words, use parenthetical citations to tell the reader where the information comes from. Violation of this requirement is plagiarism and will result in a zero for the assignment.
o This assignment will be 7-11 pages inclusive to include:
▪ 1 Page = Title Page
▪ 1 Page = Abstract
▪ 4-8 Pages = Body of the paper. Points will be deducted for going over or under.
▪ 1 Page = Reference page

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