Conduct research in order to take your argument beyond the realm of mere opinion and make it more persuasive.

Compose a 5-6-page researched essay that evaluates a local issue in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. a. Use the following formula as a guide: X [your chosen person, policy, method, program, publication, etc.) is / is not a good Y [policy, legislation, method, institution, program, location]. I have selected how the influx of court cases can be problematic as it infringes on due process rights for crime suspects and victims who have to in some cases wait 2-3 years for sexual assault trials to reach trial and hand out a sentence. , you’ll need to place your X factor in a specific “Y” category. Next, you’ll want to define a set of reasonable criteria or standards for that category (i.e., repeat the process you used to define your Y term. Finally, you’ll need to argue, incorporating evidence to support your points, that X does or does not meet those criteria. Please research sexual assault crimes in Lawrence County Pennsylvania and discuss as criteria how defense attorneys use tactics (change of venue, and motion to continue) as tactics to make the judicial process longer and are an issue to victims who have to wait a long time. Also, discuss ways to improve the US court system to let justice be served more timely. 4. Conduct research in order to take your argument beyond the realm of mere opinion and make it more persuasive. Your bibliography should contain a minimum of FIVE credible outside sources; however, not all of these have to be print sources: you can also use interviews and surveys that you conduct, data from radio or television, and visual arguments as evidence. For the final draft of Paper 4, please annotate three sources on your Works Cited page (i.e., insert single-paragraph annotations beneath three individual sources’ bibliographic information. I’ll provide models and we’ll practice writing annotations in class).

5. Don’t simply evaluate; evaluate persuasively. Address an opposing audience and try to change their minds. This means you must consider their possible objections to your evaluation of the X term AND the standards you are using to make that evaluation.

1. Choose an X term that interests you and meets assignment requirements (i.e., it should be “local” in some way. Please talk to me if you have questions).
o Avoid arguing that X is right or wrong. While your argument may include an ethical component, stay away from framing your entire argument in a strictly ethical manner.
2. Place your X topic in a narrow category and brainstorm a list of criteria for that category based on its purpose or function (again, this is exactly what you did when defining your Y term for Paper 3).
3. Decide which criteria are most important and match X to them. Based on your results, take a stand on whether X is a good or bad Y.
4. Brainstorm the types of evidence you will need to match your X convincingly to each standard and conduct research to find it.
5. Consider the argument from an opposing view. Would your audience disagree with your standards? Your evidence? Figure out how you’d like to address their disagreements within your essay.
6. As always, papers should follow MLA standards of documentation, using in-text citations for direct quotation, paraphrase, and summary and compiling a Works Cited page that includes every outside source included in the essay. Remember while this is an MLA style paper to use an annotated bibliography for at least 3 of the sources on the works cited page

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