Could you according to my writing style?

A. The requirement the institutor gave are as follow: Length of report: 2500-3000 words Select a tourism product or service and design a comprehensive business strategy. After a brief description of the product, you will provide a market analysis, competitive analysis, market segmentation and develop a creative positioning strategy. Finally, you will provide a selection of relevant media vehicles that most effectively reach your target markets using new and/or traditional media. The objective of this assignment is to critically examine a particular element or elements in the development of the strategy and its ultimate delivery of ‘the great visitor experience’. The principal factors that will influence marking: 1. Successfully addressing the key task(s) required of the assignment; 2. Application of knowledge gained from prescribed readings and additional research sources; 3. Use of factual information, data, third party research; 4. Quantitative and qualitative analysis; 5. Depth of research, and critical examination of the subject; 6. Introduction of new concepts, constructs, or approaches; 7. Effective communication: – Title of the paper, – Introduction and statement of purpose, – Methodology, – Key observations, – Recommendations for improvement, – Concluding remarks. 8. Writing style: APA format, proper use of citations.
B. I want to choose a product or service in China or in Victoria (Canada); C. Could you according to my writing style? [Assignment 1]
D. I will attach the sample our instituter gave us [Sample(1) and S

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