Define any new terms or concepts used in your speech that were new to you.

Education in the Elementary School
Elementary education is a very important component of the education system. Although there are countries that classify this type of education as involuntary, there are major benefits that accrue through this system of education. Apart from being sharpened in basic writing and oral skills, children also undergo numeral training (Hallam and Rogers, 2008). This is the foundation for pursuing further knowledge.
Connection with the Topic
I have a phenomenal attachment on this topic because of a number of reasons. First, being an outgoing person, I have been able to interact with a number of students who hail from different regions of the world. Particularly, I have interacted with students from Southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Second, I have been interacting with statistics concerning the three levels of education in different parts of the world. Through these experiences, I have been shocked to find the disparities in literacy levels all over the world.
The Goal of the Speech
Due to reduced literacy levels, several challenges are bound to arise. First, the world’s millennium development goal of attaining universal primary education by 2015 will not be achieved this year. Second, gender gaps are widening as more girls are locked out of primary education (Lambert, 2003). Third, regions such as sub-Saharan Africa will remain uneducated, hence, less competitive in the global economy (Harris, 2010). The goal of this speech is to urge the United Nations and the world governments to provide the necessary infrastructure to support elementary education. I am quite confident that the concerned bodies will realise the importance of valuing education at such a low level and probably offer elementary education free of charge.
The thesis for this speech is “Elementary education is the key to unlocking a child’s potential and a lifetime investment”
Audience and Response to Criticism
I thought that this topic should be reserved and discussed at the family level, but it is crystal clear that is both a national and international issue. Although critics would cite inadequate resources to support compulsory elementary education, the long run effect will prove otherwise. There will be production of literate societies, which can build more wealth for their nations.
Speech 2 Outline
For this assignment you will create an outline of your second speech, using the template below as a guide.

You should be familiar with the format now but remember to tailor it to persuasive speaking. A persuasive speech has a desired outcome that demands a more specific thesis. Be very clear on what you wish to persuade your audience to do or think.

Attention Getter:
Psychological Orientation:
Logical Orientation:
Connective to body of speech:
1st Main Point
– Supporting material:
– Supporting material:
Connective to body of speech
[repeat this pattern for each main point]
Logical closure:
Psychological closure:
Speech Preparation 4: Persuasive Speech Writing and Research

After completing the reading activity for this module complete the following:

Define any new terms or concepts used in your speech that were new to you. You should also include anything technical, foreign, or new to your audience.
Discuss your research. List your sources in the order in which you discovered them. Evaluate them in terms of value to speech and credibility. Note: Personal experience and interviews are valid sources.

Source Author(s) Value Credibility
Confessions of
an Economic Hitman John Perkins High High
The Wall Street
Journal article Hersh Silverman Moderate High
Provide three (3) examples of the supporting material you will use in your speech. Supporting materials include Examples, Statistics, Testimonials. Cite from source list you produce for question no. 2.
What is the context for your speech? Are their likely to be different opinion on your topic? What persuasive strategies will you employ to convince your audience?
Select one point from you main points and write two (2) paragraphs supporting your assertions. Use language that will help your cause, not offend the audience and build your credibility.
Speech Preparation 5: Persuasive Speech Writing and Research

After completing your reading assignment for this module answer the following:

1-Select two (2) of your main points and provide two (2) pieces of evidence to support each of them. Set-up your answer in the following manner:

Main Point 1

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

Main Point 2

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

2-Apply at least three (3) of the four (4) reasoning techniques outlined in the chart below to your evidence. Apply your choices to your evidence to support your claim. Your claim can be your thesis – what you are ultimately trying to get at.

Inductive Reasoning
Evidence (E:)
Reasoning: Past patterns indicate future performance (R:)
Claim (C:)

Inductive: General to Specific

Deductive Reasoning
Evidence (E:)
Reasoning: Establishing relationships between things (R:)
Claim (C:)

Deductive: Specific to General

Casual Reasoning
Evidence (E:)
Reasoning: Linking events through cause and effect (R:)
Claim (C:)

Casual: Cause and Effect

Reasoning by Analogy
Evidence (E:)
Reasoning: Comparing two similar things (R:)
Claim (C:)

Analogy: Comparing

3-Identify one potential fallacy in your reasoning. Look at the list of reasoning fallacies in your textbook and determine which one your topic might be most likely to use.

4-After looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy (Chapter 20, fig. 20.1) determine which needs your speech will target.

5-How will you motivate your audience? What needs or fears will you appeal to?

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