Demonstrate critical thinking in regard to Ethical Decision Making, when to seek Consultation and Supervision, Treatment Planning and appropriate Record Keeping and Documentation.


Assignment 10

Begin Final Research Paper: Boundaries in the Movies

In this assignment, you are required to watch and review a movie* where the theme and context is on therapeutic relationships. Write a 10 page paper demonstrating your ability to identify legal and ethical issues related to Therapeutic Boundaries, Dual Relationships and Other Boundary Concerns. Demonstrate application of sound clinical judgment and ethical decision making in your review of the movie. Identify issues of Culture and Human Diversity.

Using the University Virtual Library, find articles from professional journals dated within the past 2 years. A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles are required to complete this assignment. In addition to the 5 journal articles from the University Virtual Library, you may use the Internet for additional research. DO NOT USE THE COURSE TEXTS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. Your assignment must be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and written at graduate level English.


The following guidelines will help you prepare for your Final Research Paper:

• Identify boundary and relationship issues to include but not be limited to the following:
Confidentiality, Informed Consent, Therapeutic Boundaries, Dual Relationships, Sexually Exploitive and Non-Sexually Exploitive Relationships, Gifts, Bartering, Touch, Self Disclosure, Out of Office Encounters, Clothing, Language and other areas of Legal and Ethical concern covered in your readings.

• Demonstrate critical thinking in regard to Ethical Decision Making, when to seek Consultation and Supervision, Treatment Planning and appropriate Record Keeping and Documentation

• Identify the Code of Ethics and the violations you are concerned with

• Identify areas of Culture and Human Diversity

• Provide current research related to the course concepts.

*Watch a movie from the list below:
Analyze That
Analyze This
Antwone Fisher
Basic Instinct
Dressed to Kill
Girl Interrupted
Good Will Hunting
Mr. Jones
Ordinary People
Prince of Tides
What About Bob

You also have the option to select a movie of your own choice, but it must be pre-approved by the course Mentor. The main context of the movie must also be relevant to therapeutic boundaries and dual relationships.

Assignment Outcomes
Analyze dual relationships in psychotherapy

Assess sexual and non-sexually exploitive relationships

Create treatment planning and record keeping practices in regard to boundary issues and dual relationships

Apply an understanding of culture and human diversity in regard to boundary crossing

Recognize when it is clinically advisable to cross boundaries

Evaluate and incorporate emerging relevant technologies applicable to the field of psychology

Analyze and evaluate information critically and effectively

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