Describe how these companies are using electronic media and e-mail.

This essay will be on how AT&T is using electronic media and e-mail.

1. Briefly introduce the company you have chosen to research.

2. Summarize the two articles and policy attached.

3. Describe how these companies are using electronic media and e-mail.

Are they using electronic media and e-mail in their daily operations, media campaigns, customer relations, or other ways? Are any of their uses groundbreaking or novel?
What types of media are they using? Who is their audience?
How do they mitigate and respond to security threats in using electronic media and e-mail? What about security issues faced by their customers?

Essay must be in APA format including a title, abstract, and reference page. Be sure to list all sources in the reference page and use in-text citations where appropriate. The title, abstract, and reference pages are not included in the required minimum page length.

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