Describe this problem in terms of economic factors, using the articles you have selected to support your statements.

Select a topic of interest from the list above, and then locate professional (Modern Healthcare, etc) articles that pertain to the topic. Do not use more than 8 articles.
Define a problem in delivery of health care in relation to your topic, i.e. Malpractice Costs Impact Insurance Premiums. Describe this problem in terms of economic factors, using the articles you have selected to support your statements.
What impact does the problem have on the population at large? What impact does the problem present for the delivery of health services?
What is the source of the problem? i.e.: Based in regulation, based on demand issues, based on resources, etc.
If you could have the resources needed to “fix” the problem, how would you go about it? What positive impacts would your proposal yield? What potential negative impacts could your proposal yield?…think beyond the scope of the immediate population or facet of health care that is impacted.
Describe what barriers to the reality of your proposal exist. What is the source of each barrier? Use concepts that have been addressed throughout the course.
List your sources of information on the Reference page. Don’t forget to list the articles you began with, any additional sources you used including your text book, additional books and publications, web sites, personal interviews, etc. All sources of information must be properly cited in the body of the text as well as in the list of references. When in doubt, cite the source of the information.

Final Project Grading:

Final Project (research paper)

The final project is to be presented as a report written in APA form. The project can be supported with presentations, outlines or other supporting documents/web site references that will make it interesting to review. The project will be graded according to the following criteria:

10% grammar
10% APA style format
25% required components of the project complete
40% Content of presentation including use of reference materials, internet sites and an interesting presentation: Creativity is a factor.
15% Correct and adequate list of references

The final paper should be between 4 and 6 pages, double spaced and including the Reference page, according to APA style. Any additional presentation materials that the student chooses to use are in addition to the 4 to 6 pages

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