Determine what you will do to gain the skills necessary to attain this career.

Case Study # 4: Research—Careers in Retailing
You should be focused on where you want to go in life and in the fashion and retail industry. Many of you will finish college and wonder what you are going to do with your new degree. Planning ahead helps you to better prepare yourself for attaining your career goals.
Using your text, and any online sources, select and research two different careers of interest within retailing. Keep track of where you get your information from while you are researching and be sure to use the APA format for citing sources. You can talk about your dream of becoming a: Senior buyer, store owner, merchandiser, store planner or allocator, entrepreneur, etc.
Please research and report on the following:
• A detailed job description of your preferred career
• Discuss the average compensation for each career
• Provide the skills, traits, and experience generally required in the marketplace for this career
• Discuss the skills you currently have and the ones you are lacking.
• Determine what you will do to gain the skills necessary to attain this career.
Find and discuss two job postings (and include the URL to the postings)

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