Develop a short paper critically analyzing key content

develop a short paper critically analyzing key content. “Critical Thinking involves analysis, evaluation, and a synthesizing of facts, ideas, opinions and theories” (Jones, 2013). Use the textbook “Skilled Facilitator” New and Revised by Roger Schwarz.

3-4 pages in content length, mostly narrative in format. APA guidelines (especially in regards to citing sources to avoid plagiarized work).

Should include

Title/cover page
Content/Critical Thinking Analysis: Explain the results of an “intervention” within a group. Consider how the facilitator handled the intervention, group emotions, challenges/barriers. Analyze, evaluate, synthesize 2-3 key concepts/theories/models covered in the course to support your paper. Provide examples (clear, specific, and justify your opinions with facts) on how you can apply these concepts/theories/models within an organization.

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