Discuss one poem (Coal) and one movement (Black Arts Movement).

Final Research Paper: Intro to Lit
“In this paper you will engage yourself in the discussions surrounding a certain poetic text; thus, you will be required to incorporate at least 2 secondary sources…this includes 1) an overall interpretation of the text’s meaning or significant, 2) an analysis of formal devices used (aka. elements of poetry), and 3) a discussion of how it is situated within its literary movement or genre (Black Arts Movement)… articulate clearly and cogently how your text works and why; what it’s doing, what it’s responding to, and its overall significance…
– Discuss one poem (Coal) and one movement (Black Arts Movement).
– how poem is situated in its literary genre through form and content
– use paraphrase and direct quotation”

In class we focus on the six elements of poetry (explained by Mary Kinzie): line, syntax, rhythm (all three represent form)- and diction, trope, rhetoric/theme (all represent content).
For the thesis she wants how Audre Lorde in her poem Coal uses two or three of these elements of poetry in a unique way that impacts the rhetoric, aka the overall theme.
This poem is in the Black Arts Movement so she wants a paragraph on how this poem fits into that with its message/time period/qualities. Here is some details she gave us on BAM
– sought to create politically engaged work that explored the black culture and historical experience
– militant artistic form

I am a good student, and I really hope this isn’t a scam.
🙁 I’m a senior chemistry student and literature is difficult for me.

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