Do (you) they want to change the message that they may receive?

(I am a man.) just make a story 🙂
In this posting, we are going to examine how we look (and think) about bodies, specifically women’s bodies. Though males participate in beauty ideals and disciplinary “beauty” practices, women are more objectified in our culture and held up to beauty standards much more strictly than males so we are focusing more on the female form here. I would like for you to do either of the following:

A. Interview a woman about her body

B. If you are female, answer questions about your own body image (if you are not comfortable talking about yourself, then please interview another woman).

You will then share your information in our discussion posting. Using Miss Representation as your guide and the essays, you are to reflect on the way images of age, race and gender in the media are reflected in what these women (or yourself) say. Some questions to consider for the interview and subsequent discussion:

Do (you) women have a beauty ideal? What kind of disciplinary beauty practices do (you) women participate in? How does fashion operate in women’s lives? What happens if women ignore fashion? What is the relationship between fashion and gender? Do (you) women see their bodies as sources as despair or empowerment? Is there a part of (your) her body that (you) she has a problem with and would like to change? How do (you) women actively challenge or contribute to popular ideas of beauty (do they adhere to a certain standard)? What do (you) women believe their bodies say about themselves? Do (you) they want to change their bodies? Do (you) they want to change the message that they may receive? How important is (your) the woman’s mobility and/or disability to her understanding of herself? How might (you) women resist these “beauty” ideals?

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