Does the policy need to be revised or completely redesigned?

For this module’s activity, you will focus on developing the new process or revising the current process for your organization. Use your SWOT analysis alongside the management theory you choose in the Module 2 discussion to help you develop the new process or complete the revision. Consider the following:

How can you turn the current process’s weaknesses into strengths?
Is it possible to carry over the strengths of the old process to the new process?
Does the policy need to be revised or completely redesigned?

Provide specific evidence that the new process will produce better results than the old process. This could be data related to the old process that points out its inefficiencies, or a discussion of how the new process addresses these inefficiencies.

You should show a direct correlation between the new or revised process and organizational goals. Will this process help us achieve our mission or vision? If not, how we can justify the implementation of the new process? You should also address whether there are any legal, ethical, or social issues that will arise due to the process being changed.

This assignment should include the following:

A substantive 3 to 4 page process proposal.
Specific evidence that shows that the new process will be better than the old process.
Proof that the new process is in line with the organization’s goals.
The management theories you will be using in order to ensure the new process is efficient.
A 1 to 2 page reflection on how marketing theories can help you improve your process proposal and how using those theories will help you sell the proposal to the board

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