Does this number surprise you? Why?

Complete the information to take the quiz. You do not have to fill in your email. Please select global hectares rather than US acres for the calculation. Answer the questions honestly.

1) Report how many Earths it would take if everyone enjoyed your lifestyle. Does this number surprise you? Why? (3 pts)

2) Look at the graph showing the four areas of consumption. In what area(s) were you above the average for this country and in what areas were you below? (3 pts)

3) Below the graph it gives the total hectares you require. Report that number. (1 pt)

4) Click on the button “Reduce your footprint” and read through the list of suggestions. Select three actions you could take to reduce your footprint and list them. (2 pt)

5) At the top of the page, click on “About the Quiz” tab. Read this page and explain how the footprint data shows the human population is in overshoot. (1 pt

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