Does your company pay dividends? If yes, the dividend is increasing/decreasing?

You must use ValueLine to find answers for your selected company. You will analyze the very

same company you analyzed for your Analysis paper. Your paper should include the following:

1. Company name, company size (in terms of market capitalization), industry

2. Look at your company’s beta. Is it above or below 1.0? Explain the meaning of the value

that you see

3. Does your company pay dividends? If yes, the dividend is increasing/decreasing?

Explain. If no, try to explain why the company does not pay dividends.

4. Include a screen shot of the stock’s price for the last 5 years (Use Google or Yahoo).

What is its current price? What is the current P/E ratio? Explain the trend in the stock’s

price. Explain the P/E ratio

5. Would you say your company is a growth or a value company? Explain

6. Based on your analysis, would you invest in the company? Why or Why not?

A few things to remember:

1. The paper must have a professional appearance. No misspellings, typographical errors,

or grammatical errors should be present–they will lower the grade.

2. Include your calculations, tables, charts, and anything else you are going to create in the


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