. Explain how you would formulate an SQL injection attack against an e-Commerce server such as Amazon.com.

Analyze honeypotting to determine if it is an optimal detection method of botnets and justify your answer. As a security director, explain whether or not you would consider implementing a honeypot as a security control and why.
From the first e-Activity, describe the privacy concerns with Internet service provider (ISP) packet detection. Decide whether or not you believe the government should demand ISPs to take more of a proactive approach in detecting and protecting against botnets. Provide a rationale with your response.
Analyze why you believe DoS and DDoS attacks have evolved in recent years to be more than simple annoyances to more targeted attacks involving extortion and other crimes. Explain the effect that you believe this has on large corporations and describe one security control that can be implemented to help mitigate the DoS / DDoS risk.
From the second e-Activity, discuss the tool’s primary uses, strengths and weaknesses, competing products, costs, system requirements, and whether hackers and / or security personnel commonly use the tool. Explain how security personnel could use the tool and how hackers could use it.
Assess why it is critical to perform assessments of the databases associated with a Web application. Determine which tool you would use and why.
SQL injection attacks are one of the most common attacks because they rely on the knowledge that modern Websites, which allow user input to rely on a back-end database to handle the query resulting from that user input. Explain how you would formulate an SQL injection attack against an e-Commerce server such as Amazon.com.

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