Explain the use of your survey, justify why it is interesting to do.

Write a report on a research topic of your choice. The report must analyse original data that you gathered from your own survey. The survey can be designed and conducted in groups, but the data analysis and report writing is an individual task where collaboration will be considered as academic impropriety.
Parts of the data analysis will be either actually done or demonstrated in seminars to verify the originality of your work.
Word count: 1,500 – 2,000 words in core text excluding tables and diagrams.

You must make use of all the following data types in your analysis.
Numerical: Discrete
Numerical: Continuous
Your data analysis must test hypotheses and include:
Describing a group (or several groups)
Inference about one group
Comparing two (or more) groups
Analysing the relationship between two groups
Aim at using all four tasks for combinations of numerical and categorical data.
Organise and visualise your data and results clearly, using tables and figures as appropriate.
Explain your findings clearly.
Draw conclusions from your findings. This may include recommendations where appropriate, depending on your topic.
All statistical workings (Excel or SPSS output) must be shown in the appendix and in class. Failure to do either will trigger a viva voce.

Report Structure:
Explain the use of your survey, justify why it is interesting to do.
State your overall research question(s) / objective(s).
State and shortly justify your hypotheses (min. four)
Note: There is no literature review required in this coursework. In later research reports, your literature review would come here, after your introduction, and provide the basis for your hypotheses.
Data and Research Methods
Explain the metrics of your survey – sampling method, sample size, etc.
Limitations (either here or under 4.)
Test your hypotheses and provide your findings here.
Summarise your findings in a professional way. Lengthy tables should be appended.
Conclusion and Recommendations
Front matters include:
Title page
Table of contents, automatically created with your word processor’s index function
Lists of tables and figures, automatically created with your word processor’s index function
End matters include:
List of references (Harvard style)

Marking Criteria:
Justification of topic
Relevance of research questions / objectives
Relevance of hypotheses
Accuracy of hypotheses
Justification of hypotheses
Accuracy and explanation of research methods
Awareness of limitations
Appropriate use of data for hypothesis testing
Amount of data analysis
Spread of data analysis techniques
Accuracy of data analysis
Appropriate use of statistical software for data analysis
Relevance of findings
Accuracy of findings
Relevance of conclusions
Accuracy of conclusions
Presentation of data
Overall presentation of report
Use of word processor functions
Clarity and completeness of appendix

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