Explain what problem the paper addresses and why it matters.

It must be the review related to Economics of natural resources. items must be in the format used by the Canadian journal of economics. Please, see the attachment, you will find all instructions to help you to do the review, and read them carefully. TASK: Find an article (it is a good idea to start with one published before 1985 to increase the chances it has been cited if that possible ) Write an approximately seven-hundred word, typed. please, can you make sure you attach a copy of the article you read to do the artical.

This is suppose to be a review not an essay.

clear title.

Is it an article from and academic journal? Yes
Is it an article about resource economics Yes

– Explain what problem the paper addresses and why it matters

– Explain what methodology is used, and, if appropriate, what data is used

– Explain what the author’s main conclusions are

– Give your own assessment of how significance, useful, readable, and well done the paper is

– Provide a list of FOUR references in the CJE format 30

-Write an appropriately graceful acknowledgement

-quality and clarity

_ Make sure you find a journal article from an academic journal rather than a research paper.

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