Explain why you think these are the best solution.

f you have not already done so, discuss the moral reasoning implicit in the arguments of the groups you used. This should have been done in submission three, but some of you still need to get it in.


Discuss your own policy suggestions for the social problem. These can be the same as the ones your groups suggested, or different.

*** Explain WHY you think these are the best solution***

Use information you gathered in your paper to explain why.

Explain your own moral reasoning for your suggested solution – is it obligations, values, or consequences that seem to be driving your idea?. It is usually one or two, but often times there are underlying values driving your belief. So look at that list of values, and see if you can identify some of those that are influencing your own ideas.

You are adding about 2-3 pages here. But you are going to turn in the entire paper, which will be somewhere in the range of 12-15 pages.

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