Final exam: Richard Stillman, Public Administration: Concepts and Cases

Final Exam Directions: You must answer both of the questions below. Answers should be typed, in essay form (complete sentences/paragraphs). Responses should be supported by literature. This exam is open-book. You may consult your books, notes, and other materials, but you may not consult one another. This assignment is designed to assess your understanding of course materials. You should be able to answer the questions thoroughly with class materials (e.g., readings, notes from lectures/discussions, online lecture notes). If you include information from sources other than class materials (not expected, nor recommended), please cite the source appropriately. Otherwise, a formal bibliography is not required. You may include quotes from the readings to support your argument, but the majority of your essay should be in your own words.Questions:1. Part of this course focused on the early years of public administration as a discipline, which Stillman refers to as the “POSDCORB Orthodoxy” and others call “orthodox public administration.” Describe the key tenets of this early era of public administration, supporting your points with literature. How do some of the later readings we covered diverged from these key orthodox tenets? (Note: You may consider this orthodox or traditional era of PA to begin in the 1880s, rather than Stillman’s date of 1926.)2. Some of our readings this semester discussed decision making in public organizations, both generally and in terms of budgetary decisions. What contributions do Lindblom and Rubin make toward your understanding of decision making in public organizations? In what ways do you agree or disagree with them? Support your argument with practical examples from your own experience, case studies, or the news.
Please only use this text book:· Richard Stillman, Public Administration: Concepts and Cases, 9th edition (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2010).Directions:Final Exam (30 percent)

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