Final Five Wishes Instructions.

Final Five Wishes Instructions

For this assignment, you will review the Aging with Dignity website. This site provides information on how to ensure that your “Five Wishes” are met during your Late Adulthood. You must use the 5 questions (yellow Five Wishes tab) in regards to your wishes and give a clear response to each. In addition, you must provide a short paragraph that states your personal response to doing this assignment.

Remember that any information you use from the website that would not be considered common knowledge must be identified with a citation. As is always the case, when a citation is used in your text, you must also provide a corresponding reference entry.

The in-text citation format for this website is:

(Aging With Dignity, n.d.)

The reference format for this website is:

Aging With Dignity Five Wishes. (n.d.). Retrieved May 4, 2015, from

Your paper must be at least 250 words in no fewer than 3 paragraphs. Refer to the grading rubric to ensure you fulfill all the requirements.

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