We have terms and conditions, and anyone who begins to work with will not need to worry about us keeping to them. If you are not fully happy with any piece of work we provide, we will refund the fee that has been paid and that will be after we have tried to correct it by making alterations. There is no need to worry that your article will not pass a plagiarism test as we instill it into our writers that this is not acceptable. We have a system that will make sure that your details are not divulged and we promise that you will not be at risk by using us. We do suggest that anyone who is looking to get a paper from us reads the terms and conditions so as they will know what to expect from the beginning. You will have no problems dealing with us once you have read them.


A refund can be requested at any time if you think there is a problem with the work we are carrying out. We don’t want you to feel forced into continue with a working relationship you are not happy with. As we have few problems, we are confident that the request will not be made. If it is, it could take us up to 6 days to arrange the refund.

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  • Revision Poylic

At we want you to be fully satisfied with the work that has been handed to you, If there are areas where you are not happy, we will make changes until it is what you want.

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  • Privacy Policy

We keep a close eye on all of the personal information you give to us at and it cannot be accessed from our web pages. All details will be kept secure and no one else will get to know that you have been dealing with us.

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  • Unique Work Guarantee

We ensure that there is no plagiarism in papers that are produced by Website2. We have software that will pick up anything that is not totally unique and as a result changes will be made to the paper and it will be rechecked before being passed on. We upgrade the software regularly so we do not get caught out as a result of using old equipment.    

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  • Terms and Conditions

When buying an article from us, you are agreeing that you want an article that has been written just for you. It cannot be used to make you money and cannot be published elsewhere. The writers have agreed that the papers are owned by the company and this is something we are strict about.

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