How do you think the story and it’s telling might change if it was addressed to a different audience?

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A coursework exercise to conduct a qualitative investigation leading to production of a data collection instrument. Narrative Analysis (Presentations – Narrative Analysis)
The Public Issue under analysis

Why is it of interest?

Present, explain and defend the narrative

Critique the narrative (strengths and weaknesses)

Where does this leave the debate?

the coursework exercise to design, present and defend a formal professional analysis of narratives concerning a current public issue.with the presentation element being a compulsory requirement)

Research area,

Research interests,

Methodology used in your subject area (strengths and weaknesses of this approach)

Your qualitative investigation (the rationale for his investigation and literature review that leads readers to the research questions)

Your research questions, the data you wish to collect and how you think you will collect it

Your proposed qualitative data collection instrument (evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses limitations)

Triangulation – how will you achieve this

When you find a publication you should answer these questions when writing about it:
What is the story of this text?
How is it told? Comment on the form of the telling.
Who is the author?
Who is the audience?
How do you think the story and it’s telling might change if it was addressed to a different audience?
Narrative diacronicity: how does time operate in this narrative and its telling?
Mapping: where are the narrative, the narrator and the audience located?
Intention: what are the motivations of the narrator? What are your motivations as a reader?
Internal coherence: does the narrative make sense? Are all parts of it constituting a whole?
Normativeness: can you locate the moral code/normativeness of this narrative in a cultural/political/ideological context? Do you identify with it? How might this affect your (and others’) reading of the text?
Context: what can you tell about the context from the text? Do you think you might need further contextual information in order to find meaning in the text?
Narrative accrual: is this particular narrative contributing to larger social metanarratives?
Remember, narrative analysis aims to find meaning, not truth, and multiple interpretations and meanings are embraced.

I have attached a narrative publication example , please find it and please read my proposal so you can pick a publication that is related to my study

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