How does Virgil’s description of women reflect Roman’s concept of gender relations?

read Virgil’s “The Aeneid” that translated by Robert Fagles. Only book 1,2,4,8,and 12 and write a 800-1000 words essay that meet the following requirements:

1. Answer and analysis the questions listed below. and when analyzing please avoid modern day comparison.
question1: What role do women play in the Roman epic (try to narrow your analysis for mortal women, or only include one short paragraph to analysis the female gods.)
question2: How does the picture of women related to Aeneid and his picture as a hero?
question3: How does Virgil’s description of women reflect Roman’s concept of gender relations?

2. please do not use outside sources. the book should be the only source. You need to include examples to improve your argument but please DO NOT use the direct quote from the book. Try to express the examples in your own words.

3. You may only need to answer 2 of the 3 questions listed above. but please make sure your analysis for the 2 questions are logically construct an essay.

4.The most important rule to bear in mind is that you are writing a literary analysis, not a plot summary. Devise and develop a specific analysis.

5.Have a precise thesis statement for your essay; that is, a sentence in your introductory paragraph that clearly states your specific points of argument. The entire content of your paper should relate to your thesis.

6.Have a topic sentence for each body paragraph; the topic sentence of a paragraph serves the same purpose as the thesis statement does for the entire paper.

7.AVOID using first person (I, me, my, we) and second person (you, your) references in a formal literary analysis.

8.Avoid using cliches (stock phrases) and colloquialisms (informal words and phrasings which are fine in speaking but inappropriate for formal writing).

9.Do not use contractions or abbreviations in formal literary analysis.

10.Avoid repetitive words and phrasing, particularly lazy verbs such as to be, to do, to use and to have. Try to use precise verbs and synonyms when possible.

11.The examples should account for no more than 15% of your paper. Generally speaking, avoid having examples in your introductory and concluding paragraphs.

12.You should consider and refer to the specific and historical contexts of the epic to frame specific points of analysis. Briefly define a precise cultural term that first time you introduce it. Avoid modern-day comparisons; instead, focus on the specific cultural, historical, and social settings of the epic.

13. Please mark the thesis statements in the introduction and each paragraphs with Red color after finish.

14. Please avoid using too many short paragraphs with too many separated ideas.

15. the book is attached as an ibook version, if you can not open it, please read it online with the following link
or you can find your own but make sure it is the version translated by Robert Fagles.

Added on 08.12.2015 17:20
This link is to download the ibook version, it is more clear than reading online.

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