How many times terms of affection are exchanged?

very person has a belief and value system. In very simple terms, a “value system” is the set of ideals that guide our choices throughout life. These choices can be as simple as what kind of foods to eat, or as difficult and life-changing as who to love. Most of a person’s values and beliefs are taught to them by their families during early adolescence. Consequently, this can be a difficult time in the life of some families. “Attitudinal conformity” often becomes an issue– that means, the expectation that a child’s attitudes and ideas will closely align with his or her parents’.

What is your belief system? Is it the same as your family of orientation’s? Are there any beliefs about which you and your loved ones sorely disagree?

Now we’d like to do something a little differently. Over the next two days, you’re going to observe your own family schematics in action. Keep a journal recording:

How many arguments occur Their causes (money? schoolwork? chores?) Their resolutions
How many times terms of affection are exchanged
How often you eat with your family Who prepared the food and who cleaned up
What’s discussed at the table
How often you talk to or see extended family members
Anything else that you think sheds some light on how your family works!

Once you’ve recorded all your data, write a summary of how these everyday interactions reflect your family’s patterns. What might these observations indicate? Has studying your family provided you with any new insights? Your summary should be no less than 250 words long

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