How much health care should we have?

Medical Insurance

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Medical costs are once again rising rapidly, forcing health care back into political priminence. This issue direct affects you as a studnet, family member, employer, and or employee. The problem of medical sosts is so pervasive that it underlies thiree quite different policy crisis. First is the increasingly rapid unraveling of employer-based health insurance. Second is the plight of Medicad. Third is the lond-term problem of federal government’s solvency which is largely of health care costs.

Write an eight page paper addressing each of these issues. Be sure to choose a position (of which there are many) and substantiate that position with facts and economic data.

Please answer answer/include the following questions:

1. Is health care spending

2. Is employer-based insurance unraveling?

3. Medicare and Medicad

4. The inefficiencies of the health care

5. Single-payer and beyond

6. How much health care should we have?

7. Can we fix health care?

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