How the project will be undertaken/was undertaken?

General Comments-Points: Areas for further improvement: Individual Report

As discussed in class:
⦁ You need to link your PEP to the project.

In your individual report make sure that your assignment answers the following questions:

⦁ What you will be aiming to achieve in the project;
⦁ Why it is important to come up with a precise project scope, budget, objectives, critical analysis, organisation roles and responsibilities, project controls communication plan, stakeholders involved (primary and secondary), reporting cycle and a risk assessment matrix;
⦁ How the project will be undertaken/was undertaken.

In addition:
⦁ In your report, give a clear and concrete explanation of your project scope, budget, risks, project control processes and project strategy;
⦁ Provide a detailed scope statement-your scope statement should include the following (justification, project scope description, acceptance criteria, deliverables, project exclusions, constraints, assumptions);

⦁ Provide evidence of independent thought and critical analysis;
⦁ Your conclusion should be logical ending what has been previously discussed. It must pull all of the parts of your presentation/assignment;
⦁ Your recommendations should follow on logically from your conclusion and be specific. They should propose how the situation/problem could be improved by suggesting actions to be taken;
⦁ Make sure you incorporate theory and practice in your assignment.

You will be expected to produce a well- researched original PEP. Originality means that you have:

⦁ Fully incorporated key elements of the project and given concrete explanation;
⦁ Integrated both theory and practice;
⦁ Presented all your arguments in a concise, well-reasoned way.

For Slide 5 Objectives and scope should be Only regarding new street station.

For Slide 7 Breaking the project should be regarding new street station Ex. Building and 10% will be saved
for contingences.

Slide 11 is not correct any risk should be under the table

For 12 define primary and secondary stakeholder

For 16 only new street station should be focused

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