How was westward expansion a model for U.S imperialism abroad?

U.S imperialism & Out break of World War I

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Only for historians: U.S History after 1877

Instructions: Double spaced, 1.5 page on your own words, 12 font, New Times Roman. You can use internet, or books but make sure is done in your own words okay. Is Based on factual content, analysis, and organization

Disqualification: No plagiarism = copy and paste from internet source. No walt disney stuff, will result a dispute.

So please take this seriously.

Question 1

How was westward expansion a model for U.S imperialism abroad? What were the economic reasons for U.S Imperialism? Identify the social and political justifications for U.S. Involvement in foreign. Finally, provide two specific examples of 19th century imperialism.

Question 2

Describe the outbreak of World War I. What was the initial position of the U.S in this war effort? Explain why the U.S eventually joins the war effort, and the consequences for the American homefront.

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