Identify at least three advantages and disadvantages for contracting out. Cost and price analysis.

Case Study: Business As Stakeholder in Public Education

This Assignment assesses the following course outcome:

PP630-3: Assess the social value of nonprofit or public organizations in partnerships that provide public services by analyzing a real-world scenario of public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Preparing for the Assignment: Go to the Harvard Business Publishing link from the Syllabus or shared with you from your professor and register as a student. Once registered, you will need to purchase case study: 9-399-062 Business As Stakeholder in Public Education: A History of Business Efforts to Improve Public Schools in The United States .

Read the case study and provide a 5-7 page synopsis of the case study. Within your synopsis please explore issues regarding the benefits and weaknesses of public-private agreements and regulations in education reform, the possible impediments to success in the endeavor, and what the roles of each stakeholder (the government and the private entity) should be. Also, address any additional factors that may work in favor of, or against the success of this project.

The report should contain:

Contract considerations: Discuss major considerations in deciding to contract such as supplier considerations, service considerations, and Government considerations.
Advantages and Disadvantages: Identify at least three advantages and disadvantages for contracting out.
Cost and price analysis: Discuss the costs involved in this endeavor and provide insight into public benefit of entering into the PPP versus having the government provide the services as a sole entity.
Ethical considerations: Outline some of the ethical concerns the public sector should consider prior to and after entering into a PPP.
Social value assessment: Assess the social value ( the value that nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), social enterprises, social ventures, and social programs create) of the move from government centric to public-private education. Within your answer look at the cost savings and economic effects of the program, as well as the risks associated with implementation of the program.

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