If sampling was done, what is the population and how was the sample selected?

This chpapter will be 4 to 6 pages in length (if you have more that’s great)
You need to include the information below:


A single short paragraph summary of chapter one – identifying the background and the problem statement and/or research question.

Data required

Describe the data collection procedure, answering these questions, as appropriate to your problem:

What data was required?

If sampling was done, what is the population and how was the sample selected?

What is the source or location of the data?

What timeframe was used?

How much data was collected?

What measurement instrument did you use? Justify the instrument reliability, if necessary.

How did you insure informed consent and privacy?

How can you justify the validity of the data?


if you are doing a survey/interview or something like that, you do NOT have to have the final draft of it. HOWEVER, you must know what you want from the survey, what areas you will be exploring, examples of questions, etc. You can’t just say you’re doing a survey! Surveys and interview questions are ALWAYS included as an Appendix. If you are doing either you need to have a draft of at least some of the questions for this draft.


Give a step-by-step list of activities and deliverables. Be very specific – what data was collected, what design process steps were used, what statistical tests were performed, what type of recommendations were made, et

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