Initial Response

For this task, the document attached has explained everything clearly, but, remember, do not write it too \’Review way\’ because it\’s not like a review , instead you have to write the response to the article case, but you found the issue in the article has relationship with the concepts that in the lecture notes we talked about.However the tutor has promised to post up some guide questions, that you can response to, but he still hasn\’t post them up to the internet.
So you could also create your own issue with the article , but if you\’d like to wait, i will give the guide questions to you as soon as possible. You can read the case first.Also, when you finished the writing , you have to also create a question which linked to the article for the other classmate to answer it.However, this task has two parts, but for this time i will only ask you to compete the first part, so the second part i will give to you next time.Everything is pretty much explained in the question sheet document file, if there is still something confused please contact me immediately !!*also the main reading is attached.

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