Justify your conclusions and support them with facts where possible.

have the assignment to do for Marketing due on 1 December, there are some notes that you have to follow.

1.- Joey’s Seafood at www.joeys.ca

2.- The company is thinking about opening a restaurant in the Durham Region Port Perry

The task that you have to do is in related on

Quality of Research (10 marks)

For this project, you must complete some secondary research. You may also use primary research if you wish. Use a minimum of five different resources to support the plan you have developed (the textbook is not a source). All sources must be properly cited(this means in text citations as well); you may use any appropriate method of citing sources as long as research is properly referenced. The campus library has a handbook on using the MLA method of referencing sources.

Justify your conclusions and support them with facts where possible. The quality of your analysis and reasoning will be evaluated in every part of your plan.

This project is in team, just only i have to do this part.

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