List the date, time and location of the program .

GUIDELINES for writing Program Concepts Paper
ASSIGNMENT: You may do this project as an individual or in groups of 2-3. All members of the group will attend a concert of western art music (“classical” music of the past 11 centuries, including this century) and participate in writing this short answer paper. Ask the instructor if you have questions about what concert qualifies for the Program Concepts Paper.
GOAL: The goal of a Program Concepts Paper is to convey a clear, concise description of all the music presented in the concert, using the terms and concepts found in the readings and in-class discussions. Do NOT give your opinion, but only the facts about the music.
PROCESS: 1). Read “Attending Performances.” Go to an approved concert. Obtain a printed program to hand in with the Program Concepts Paper. Working from the printed program and your listening experience at the concert, write short answers for the CONTENT listed below. 2). Type your Program Concepts Paper and submit the hard copy, with a concert program attached to the report, by or before the due date deadline. Handwritten papers will NOT be accepted! Do NOT submit the paper electronically. Papers without the printed program will NOT be accepted.
HEADING: 1. List names and UO ID numbers for all participating and contributing group members 2. List the title of the program 3. List the date, time and location of the program
FORM: 1. 1″ margins on every side 2. 12-point font, double-spaced 3. 2-4 pages maximum 4. staple or paper-clipped the paper to the program (and ticket)
CONTENT: Organize your report by COMPOSITION, one paragraph for each piece or movement, including: 1. Composer of each piece and the ERA associated with that composer 2. Title, identifying which is the piece title and which are movement titles 3. If the genre is instrumental music, identify each piece/movement as ABSOLUTE or PROGRAM music. Describe the musical elements, (e.g. tempo, dynamics, melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre) which reflect the title and mood/character of each and every piece and/or movement. 4. If the genre is vocal music, describe those musical elements, (e.g. dynamics, melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre) which reflect the title and words of the song in the music.
NOTE: The description of each movement should be BRIEF and contain just the facts, NOT your opinion of the music.
GRADING: Each group will be assessed on the content of their report. All members of the group will receive equal credit for their group report. Maximum total of Program Concepts Paper is 10 point

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