Project about a restaurant

a restaurant of any kind.Purpose: To apply managerial concept(s) of the course to practical aspects of careers, whether current or prospective. Ultimately, it is hoped that the project will help the student succeed in his/her professional career by learning the nuances of applying these concepts in a practical setting.
Length: 3-5 pages, plus exhibits/appendices.
“Objective” Statement: The project should contain an “Objective” statement/paragraph on page 1, which outlines the goals as well as the specific deliverables of the project. Since each project is different, outcomes will be also. This statement will be evaluated as to its relevance to the course, and the supporting materials will be evaluated based upon the accomplishment of the objectives stated within the Msg from client \”I wouldn\’t be mad if it ended up being four or five pages. I\’m just saying. :)\”

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