provide a summary of the plot or provide your opinion of the film.

A reaction paper is just what its name suggests—a paper explaining your reaction to a film. In this case I am specifically interested in your reaction to the environmental themes or message of the film. Like any good essay, your reaction paper should develop one primary idea related to the environmental theme or message of the film, support your assertion with specific evidence (usually references to individual shots or scenes, language, visual devices, or music), and present both ideas and evidence in clear language and a logical order. Settle on one or two key points about the environmental theme or message in the film that you would like to develop. Do not simply provide a summary of the plot or provide your opinion of the film.
As this is an environmental geography class, your essay should focus around your interpretation or understanding of the environmental themes of the film, rather than subplots or technical aspects, with the exception of how these components contribute to, or distract from, the environmental themes. Be sure to support your assertions with clear examples form the film or readings. I am really looking for you to make connections between these films and other ideas or experiences.
Draw upon the many readings we have done in class, and use the ideas discussed from the readings – conservation, preservation, social injustice, economic environmentalism, or any of the ideas from current events to strengthen your argument.
THE FILM: These independently produced films are available on-line through the Future States TV channel on YouTube: You must select one film from the following list of episodes on which to complete your paper. Season 1: Plastic bag, Mister Green, or Fallout, Season 2: Beholder, Asparagus, Spring of Sorrow, Exposure, White,orThatWhichOnceWas,Season3:LauraKeller–NB,orThe6World,orSeasonChildren of the Northern Lights, Return to Elektra Springs. Each film is about 15 -20 minutes. You may want to watch a couple films before deciding on one for your review.
1. Your paper should identify the film’s title and any other information you have available. Throughout the paper, the film’s title should be underlined or placed in quotes.
2. Your reaction paper should be a minimum of one page and not more than two pages.
3. Because a reaction paper describes your reaction to a film, it is appropriate to use first person (I, me, my, mine). But remember that the paper is primarily about the environmental themes in the film, not about you.
5. Avoid the frequent problem of too much summary! Any viewer can get the gist from viewing the movie, so if your paper devotes too many words to summary, there’s not much “value added” in the paper. THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST COMMON PROBLEM IN INEFFECTIVE PAPERS! Be CERTAIN that you have developed a clear point of view and that you have supported your point of view with clear evidence using specific language, visual effects, music, or scenes from the film.
6. Your paper should be typed, double spaced using a standard font. Number pages in the lower left-hand corner
7. In the upper left-hand corner of your first page, preferably in the header, please type the following heading.
Your Name

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