Provide an overall introduction to the restaurant and your experience dining at the restaurant.

Description of Your Project
Individual project

*You must select an ethnic restaurant of specific population group (ex. South American or Southeast Asian) to dine in and then to provide a presentation on the following topics:

· Provide an overall introduction to the restaurant and your experience dining at the restaurant

· Describe the specific population group that you have chosen, food and culture habits

· Provide a thorough description of the food patterns (every day and holidays).

· Discuss special food habits related to any stage of lifespan, i.e. infancy, pregnancy, teenagers, older adults

· Discuss nutritional adequacy in reference to the population (support your description with appropriate references).

· Discuss any nutritional contraindications in regards to diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

Your presentation must be supported by at least 3 peer-reviewed articles, in addition to your book. This assignment should be between 20-30 slides excluding the cover slide, table of contents or bibliography slides.

Full credit will be given for preparation, how well the topic was covered and organization of material, presentation skills, and completeness of information.

I will take care of the first two bullets, just leave me 5 slides in the beginning of the ppt. Read all instructions and follow them thoroughly. APA style for the references. THIS IS A NUTRITION CLASS

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