Providers of Private Security Consultants or Privately Contracted Soldiers?

This request is for a complete 20,000 work Dissertation inclusive of the data analysis of the questionnaire data and 6 personal interview documents. I will also require the writer to produce the relevant graphs and charts from the data for inclusion in the work. I will provide 2 examples of dissertations to work from. Subject Area The Private Security Industry Title Private Security Companies in Hostile Environments: Providers of Private Security Consultants or Privately Contracted Soldiers? Synopsis This research will research whether Private Security Companies, when providing personnel for contracts in hostile environments, proactively recruit and employ military trained personnel specifically with previous military combat experience, for quasi-military roles under the guise of private security consultants. Aims of the Research To establish the levels of ex-military private security personnel working in hostile environment areas versus non-military trained private security personnel. To establish whether Private Security Companies actively recruit and employ private security personnel with military experience and specifically, personnel with operational military combat experience. To establish whether private security personnel working in hostile environments conduct purely ‘security’ roles or whether they have undertaken defensive/offensive security operations that could be considered as quasi-military operations. Area of interest and problem to be studied The area of interest in this research is the increased use and outsourcing of military-related support roles in hostile environments to Private Security Companies and to what extent these roles are served by personnel of a military or non-military background. To what extent is the outsourcing of hostile environment quasi-military roles by Private Security Companies, specifically directed toward ex-military personnel rather than non-military trained security contractors. Is the hiring of private security contractors purposely driven and openly and positively advertised to actively recruit ex-military personnel, namely with military combat experience, and to discouraging and preventing non-military trained security personnel from obtaining such roles. Is the use of private security contractors in hostile environments purely security protective/defensive or are the roles of a quasi-military combatant function and thus the driver of the recruitment process and a driven pre-requisite of ‘operational military combat experience’. Locating the problem in the literature For inclusion in this work please research the relevant history and current use of Private Security, remembering that Private Security is thousands of years old and not a recent implementation. Please also research the websites of the Private Security Companies to extract any information suitable from its pages; AEGIS Defense Services; Control Risks; G4S; GardaWorld; all have pages that detail their services in regard to hostile environment private security services and also detail recruitment vacancies and the applicant criteria. Please, amongst others, use the following literature academic sources to complete the Literature Review Chapter: Beck, U. (1992) Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity, London: Sage. Beck, U. (2006) Living in the world risk society, Economy and Society, 35. Becker, H. (1964) Outsiders, New York: Free Press. Gomez les Prado, J. (2007) ‘Armed Non-State Actors’, in FMR, 37. Kaldor, M. (2005) ‘Old Wars, Cold Wars, New Wars and the War on Terror’, in International Politics, 42(4). Mathieu, F. and Dearden, N. (2006) Corporate Mercenaries War on Want in Association with Campaign against the Arms Trade, London: War on Want. Nimkar, R. (2009) ‘From Bosnia to Baghdad: The Case for Regulating Private Military and Security Companies’, Journal of Public and International Affairs, 20(3). Palou-Loverdos, J. and Armendáriz, L. (2011) The Privatization of Warfare, Violence and Private Military & Security Companies: A factual and legal approach to human rights abuses by PMSC in Iraq, Geneva: UN Working Group on the use of mercenaries. Singer, P.W. (2001/02) ‘Corporate Warriors: The Rise and Ramifications of the Privatized Military Industry’, International Security, 26(3). Singer, P.W. (2005) ‘Outsourcing War’ in Foreign Affairs, 14th October 2005. Singer, P.W. (2007) Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry, Cornell: Cornel University Press. Primary Research I have sent out 50 research self-completion questionnaires to Private Security Personnel within the privae Security Industry and I have received 34 back. I have taken a copy of the questionnaire sheet and formatted all of the responses into one document. This document has been included in this order request. I have also completed 5 personal interviews with Security Managers. All 5 of these documents are included in this order request. I have also completed a personal interview with a Private Security Human Resources Professional. This document is also included in this order request. • I would like for the writer to prepare the information collated into appropriate display graphs/charts to show these results accordingly within the research. Proposed Chapters • Title Page (full title of the dissertation). • Acknowledgements Page (Leave Blank). • Abstract Page (max 300 words). • Contents List Page (chapter numbers/titles, page numbers). • Chapter 1: The Business of Private War (Introduction chapter & conclusion). This chapter will be an introduction to the dissertation and an introduction to the business of private security. • Chapter 2: The History of Private War (Literature review chapter & conclusion). This chapter will be the history of mercenary private security work from past history to present day. • Chapter 3: Did They Leave The Military And Join The Military? (Methodology & conclusion). This chapter will explain the methodology of the research and a conclusion of the same. • Chapter 4: War Stories (Results and conclusion). This chapter will explain the results of the research and a conclusion of the same. • Chapter 5: The Smoke-Screen – Privatisation of War (Dissertation summary). This chapter will chart the dissertation summary findings in regard to the guise that the private security industry has in hostile environment areas. • Chapter 6: Changing Uniforms – A Soldier Is Still A Soldier (Dissertation conclusion). Dissertation Conlusion. • References Section Page. • Appendices Page. Example Dissertation I have attached two example dissertation to this order request. I would like this dissertation order to be formatted in the same way and for the referencing to be the same (Harvard). Please DO NOT use these dissertation examples for anything else other than as an example for THIS work

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