A report is a paper that is produced and is just facts. There are many things that have to take place to get this report written and there has to be a great deal of research undertaken. There will have to be a lot of data inserted into the documents and this is going to be both statistical data and experimental data.

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Understanding Different Reports

Business report- this is going to need a great deal of detail including, a full knowledge of the market. There will also have to be one eye on the future as there needs to be plans for the way ahead and how the company will survive in the future. When the report is set out it can be informal or formal, and depending on which is chosen there could be the need to write just 5 pages, and going up to at least double that for a formal report.

Formal report – this is going to be part of a larger report and will also need a great deal of research before it can be put together. It can be written in stages, but this will not really cut down the amount of work that needs to be done. The first step is to put forward the result of all the research and then move on to analyzing what has been presented before coming to a conclusion. Finally there will be details of what must happen next.

Experimental/Technical reports – there is a specific way this has to be written and it will contain a lot about a specific issue. They can be written to appeal to the people who will be receiving them and a lot of it will be the results of experiments and the findings from a lot of research.

Field reports- this is going to be just be certain topics. Writing companies will be needed when the students need to put the report together. This will be the final part of the study.

Book reports – simply put, this needs the student to say what happens in the book and why certain events are significant. Personal opinion is needed regarding characters and events as well.

Progress reports – this is an ongoing project and needs to be updated as each part of a project is completed. Depending on the subject, there could be the need for financial information to be included.

Reports can be harder to write as the information is not always immediately available. Group work is often involved with each individual taking responsibility for a particular section. Ideally they will have the area in which they have the most knowledge or interest as this is likely to lead to them putting in maximum effort. The burden is not just on one student and the main problem will be if someone is left to carry out work in an area where they do not feel confident are not very knowledgeable. At this stage a custom writing company can become involved.

Here are the options.

Work as a pair and credit the other with their share of the work.

Other than that, go to and ask them to help with the production of the report. They will be able to produce a report of the best quality and will have it finished at the same time as the rest of the group so no one need know that outside help has been involved. It does not matter how unusual the topic is, there will be someone who can write it and technology will be on hand to make sure that there is nothing included that has been written by other students.

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