Research of technologies supporting the learning to program.

CI projects will gravitate on the design and testing the design of learning environments.

Design or improvement of a computer application to support; promote learning, identifying new means of using technology for fostering and assessing learning, and proposing new ways of integrating learning technologies with each other and into learning environments to foster and assess learning;

Enhancing understanding of how people learn and how to better foster and assess learning, especially in technology-rich learning environments that offer new opportunities for learning and through data collection and computational modeling of learners and groups of learners that can be done only in such environments.

Focus on Coding:

Research of technologies supporting the learning to program
Bring half of page with the report
Bring an innovative idea on ideal environment to support learning to program.

Express your idea in a diagram

Basically, when we create a program, we always have an image in our heads of how the final product should look (at least a rough-draft). We brainstorm, figuring out what technologies will be most useful for our application and what we intend to do, and so on. She wants us to basically capture all the pre-processing stuff that goes into writing a program, and get all that down on paper.

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