Select a business company if possible a UK based business company and give a full description of it.

The subject of the paper is Financial Management Analysis

Please do read the coursework brief very very CAREFULLY and till the very end it explains every thing about how the assignment has to be done and how the essay report should be presented.

Select a business company if possible a UK based business company and give a full description of it.The company should be from the following business sectors: General Retailers, Food & Drug Retailers, Oil & Gas Producers, Travel & Leisure and Tobacco. Please choose a company to which you are confident of making a good essay

Please make sure you find out all these data of the respective company over a period of 5 years. The data extracted should be from a reliable website such as Financial Analysis Made Easy-FAME; Morning Star; Osiris or from the annual report of the company.
• Profitability
• Liquidity
• Working capital management
• Capital structure
• Stock market performance

Please follow the instructions in the coursework brief very carefully which I’ll be attaching and make the essay accordingly. The report structure will be there in the coursework brief so the table of contents should be according to that. And at the end of every heading the word limit is also mentioned so please write accordingly.

And the word limit provided excludes the table of contents and the bibliography list which will be attached in the bottom. The word counts starts from Introduction and ends at Conclusion.

If you have any problems regarding the essay please do contact me.

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