Share your experiences and processes of creating this document in the Message box of the DropBox when submitting your assignment.

Assignment 2: Graduation Party Location & Entertainment

It is now time to revisit your graduation planning activities by choosing your location and entertainment for the party. You will do this by creating tables to compare the attributes and issues of your various choices.

Create a new Word document and save it as W3-A2_lastname.docx. Note that you might want to change your page orientation to landscape to better fit your data.

Create a table to compare the different locations you chose in Week 1. You can add a table to your document by using the Table icon in the Insert ribbon of Microsoft Word. Your table should include the following columns:

Location: List the three possible locations.
Web Site: Include the url hyperlink for each location’s Web Site.
Positives: Include a bulleted or numbered list* of positive attributes of each.
Negatives: Include a bulleted or numbered list of issues for each location.
Estimated Cost: Include the cost(s) associated with using the location/facility.

*You can create a list using the icons in the Paragraph panel of the Home ribbon (Bullets, Numbering, or Multilevel).

Click here for a demonstration of how to work with your table.

As an example, the table below has been set up correctly for using the Savannah Campus of South University. (You cannot include this as one of your choices for this assignment.) The other two rows would be for the second and third choices:

Now, on a new page, you will create another similar table for Entertainment.
To start a new page, press Control Enter or go to the Insert ribbon and select Page Break in the Pages group.
For this page, you will create another five-column table to include:
Entertainment: For example a live band or game.
Web Site
Beneath your tables, write a paragraph of at least 50 words to include:
Identify which location you chose.
Select at least one entertainment possibility for the party.
Justify why you made the choices you did using the information in the tables to guide your decision.
Check the Status bar at the bottom of the window to see the word count.
Finally add the finishing touches to the paper.
Add page numbers in the Footer (bottom of your page).
Add a Header that includes the name of your event and your name. You can also change the header font to make the column headings stand out more!
Add some formatting and color to your table.
Bold and center the table headings.
You can change the color of your text or the color of the background to color code your table or make it more readable. Be creative and have fun.

Submit your completed document to the Week 3 Dropbox by Tuesday, September 22, 2015.

Share your experiences and processes of creating this document in the Message box of the DropBox when submitting your assignment.

Please notice that in grading this week’s submission, we will be including spelling and grammar in the criteria so remember to proofread and use spell checking.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Created a Word document (.docx) and named it W3-A2_yourlastname.docx
Created a table for Locations with the required columns and that fits on the page.
Created a table for Entertainment with the required columns and that fits on the page. Included needed information about entertainment.
Included bulleted list, hyperlinks, and needed information for both tables.
Included a paragraph with good reasoning for why choices were made from the alternatives.
Included page numbers in a Footer, Name of event and your name in a Header.
Added formatting and color to table, Column headings were bolded and centered.
Used correct spelling and grammar.

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