Should the college significantly increase fees per unit, or maintain current fee levels by drawing down on its budgetary reserve, knowing that next year will not get better?

Technology and social media are transforming how individuals communicate and network in both the personal and professional realm. An organization is considering developing a social media plan.

You are asked to develop the proposal for the organization. Discuss the type of organization that you are hypothetically a part of in the example. The organization need to be a human services organization. Define the organization that you would like to use as an example. Explain why the social media approach is beneficial or detrimental to your organization’s mission. What key elements would you like to see in the contract? How should the public sector address social media? What are the critical elements in the proposal that are necessary to address the broader public interest? Identify the benefits and costs of a social media campaign by your organization. Discuss how the proposal would allow for public input and how it would address key concepts in public administration, including; transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness.

Question 4:

Woodrow Wilson wrote of a politics and administrative dichotomy within the field of public administration. Evaluate the theoretical foundations of the field of public administration by exploring five or more major theorists and their seminal works. Be sure to tie these theorists and their theories to current knowledge and trends within the field of public administration and public service. How do the theories build one upon another? Do we have a science of Public Administration?

Question 5:

You are the superintendent of Mt. Rossmoor Community College (MRCC). Mt. Rossmoor Community College is the fifth fastest growing community college in the nation. The college’s student body has grown 24% in the past 5 years largely due to the recent housing boom. Due to budgetary cuts on the state level, state universities will increase the cost of tuition by 8% this year, on top of last year’s increase of 14%. The result is that more students will be “priced out” of the state university system. Many of these same formerly state university students will attempt to satisfy general education requirements at local community colleges, including MRCC, thereby increasing demand for courses.

At the same time, however, MRCC’s budget will drop 15% this year due to the state budget crisis. As superintendent, you face some tough choices. Should the college significantly increase fees per unit, or maintain current fee levels by drawing down on its budgetary reserve, knowing that next year will not get better? Should the college increase or reduce course offerings? Should the college pursue furloughs, layoffs, or “golden handshakes?” There is even the question of offering online courses and shuttering buildings on MRCC’s main campus, so as to save on electricity and air conditioning.

In a white paper, please identify the policy problem, detail the policy options, identify stakeholders, and apply your own financial knowledge to make sound and ethical decisions in the public’s

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