The paper on the book

12 font Times New Roman, Second space
The works cited page has to be included.
The paper has to have a good topic about it, a good thesis, conclusion, along with quotes that help support each paragraph.
the client asked to use the book \”The story and its writer\” an introduction to short fiction. Compact ninth edition. By Ann Charters. It\’s the text they use in class and the story is on page 167. So you would know how to correctly put this on the work cited page. Also, add a hanging indent to it as has to be in Third person for my Paper, not in first or second.
First off I found out it has to be third person

Second is that Roughly half of the quotes should be from the primary text such as the story itself and the other half from secondary sources (criticisms from scholars). Please make sure to adhere to MLA format and also include a works cited page at the end of the paper. You need to have a minimum of five and a maximum of eight secondary sources integrated within the paper.

Third. Scholars sources have to have said things or talked about the story and again in particular to the topic of interest about the story.

So therefore also don’t forget to add quotes that help support the paper with those scholars sources.

DO NOT USE GOOGLE SCHOLARS, that’s another thing my professor warned me about!!!

Also a minimum of five and a maximum of eight secondary sources must be integrated into the paper.

Lastly do answer some of these questions because these questions should be pretty much like a prewrite just to help you for the paper

1. Who is the protagonist, what is he or she like and what motivates him or her?2. Who is the antagonist… same as the first question etc.3. Whats the them and how does the author develop this?4. Whats the setting (time and place)? What significance does the setting have in the story?5. What is the point of view? Like who is telling it. And how does this affect the readers understanding of characters, the plot, etc?
The Client will send a third update maybe this week if he forgot to add something. Thank you.

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