Was it a continuation of prejudice against Asians seen in the Chinese Exclusion Act, and the immigration laws of 1924 ?

Please Answer all three Questions separately, one page and half for each question. Question 1. During World War ll, Japanese-Americans were placed in interment camps in this country, and the United States had to come up with a refugee policy to respond to people fleeing Europe. First, please discuss Japanese Internment: what were the goals and fears; did it make sense for the national defense t the time, or was it a continuation of prejudice against Asians seen in the Chinese Exclusion Act, and the immigration laws of 1924 ? Then (using the Handouts about Otto Frank and Syria ) Please write about U.S. practices toward refugees during W.W.II and today. What re the fears? Should we have accepted more refugees? Is this country responsible for the Death of Anne Frank?

Question 2. Mexican Immigrants often face, and continue to face, hardship and antagonism in this country. their story is similar in many ways, to the stories of other immigrant groups we’ve talked about this semester. Please discuss the Mexican immigrant story, including: ” Pushes and Pulls”; the idea that they were treated as “commodities”; instances and ways in which they faced racism. Then, make comparisons between the Mexican experience and that of other immigrant groups- Chinese and Jewish Immigrants, for example.

Question 3. Use the four handouts to write an Essay about immigration policy in the United States today. What would the comprehensive immigration bill (passed by the Senate over a year ago say, but now stuck and not being addressed by the House of Representatives) mean for the 11 million illegal immigrants in this country, for “highly-skilled” immigrants wanting to come here legally, and for the family members of people already here wanting to come legally? Explain DACA, and Obama’s Executive Action. Please give your opinions and thoughts on this very complex issue. If you were an immigrant policy adviser to the government, what would you advice?

Please answer each question with many details, try to make connections and give your own take on things. Use MLA format, also use details and examples from the book by Ronald Takaki, called a Different Mirror. And also the four handouts that are uploaded to answer the last question. Please write a page and a half for each question and also have a works cited sheet.

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