Was Ted Kaczybski’s terrorist acts a Domestic or International event?

Criminologist Gwynn Nettler outlined all terrorism shares six characteristics

No Rules-No moral limitations on the type or degree of violence that terrorists can use.

No Innocents-No respecter of persons; from soldiers to children; all are game.

Economy-Kill one, frighten 10,000

Publicity-Terrorists seek publicity, and publicity encourages terrorism.

Meaning-Terrorist acts give meaning and significance to the lives of terrorists.

No Clarity-Beyond the immediate aim of destructive acts, the long-term goals of terrorists are likely to be poorly conceived or impossible to implement. Terrorism that succeeds escalates.

There have been case studies on Theodore Kaczynski, research and complete a 750 word essay discussing the application of these six characteristics. Was Ted Kaczybski’s terrorist acts a Domestic or International event?

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