What are the challenges facing nonprofit organization today?

What are the challenges facing nonprofit organization today? Ex: declining grants from government, competition, brand name, etc…… How can nonprofit organizations face these challenges? Ex: Merging, collaborating with for profit Format 1 ½ space 3-4 pages 12 point Essay must include a good introduction, supportive body and powerful conclusion The professor will grade both for content and grammar. Avoid quotes. Refer to the articles used in class however do not plagiarize and do not sound bookish. Do not go to other sources outside the articles. Articles Ethics and Non-profits – Standard Social Innovation Review – Deborah L. Rhode & Amanda K. Packell A Brand New World for Nonprofits – Robin J.B. Ritchie, Sanjeev Swami & Charles B. Weinberg The Content of their Character: The State of the Nonprofit Workforce – Dr. Paul Light The Nonprofit Sectors Leadership Deficit: Executive Summary – Thomas J. Tierney How Non-profits Get Really Big – Stanford Social Innovation Review – William Foster & Gail Fine The Landscape for Nonprofits – Harvard Business Review – William P. Ryan Understanding the Next Generation of Nonprofit Employees: The Impact of Educational Debt – Amanda Ballard – Spring 2005 Nonprofit-like Tongue Twister or Aspiration – Brookings Institution – Paul C. Light

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