. What are the forces of unification vs. the forces of nationalism, and which will prevail?

Each essay needs to be 750 words, and cover at length all of the subtopics under each question.

1. What are the forces of unification vs. the forces of nationalism, and which will prevail? How is Europe likely to conduct itself as a major world power, and what is its military role in the world likely to be? How great will European power and prestige be from an economic standpoint? Finally, how would you characterize U.S.-European relations for the balance of this century?

2. In what ways is the European Union a continuing “work-in-progress”? What are its implications for European political sovereignty, mutual security, and economic integration? Be sure to include in your analysis the major demographic changes inside Europe since the Second World War and those that continue to be important today. In your opinion, is there now, or will there be in the future, a distinctly “European” cultural identity?

3. Analyze the similarities and differences between European federalism and other federal experiments in modern history, including the U.S. How is the emergence of a more unified Europe likely to redefine the role of NATO and refine Europe’s relationship with the U.S.? Is Europe today a true federal system, or is it merely a loosely-structured league or supra-national federation? How far will the unification process go, and will Europe emerge as a true world superpower?

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