What do you want the reader to see about your book after he/she reads your essay?

This assignment is for you to begin a preliminary draft of that final essay. This paper should be at least three pages and use two outside sources. Please put the paper in MLA format, including a Works Cited page.

After the introduction to your research topic and your thesis sentence, develop your first point. What do you want the reader to see about your book after he/she reads your essay? You will develop this much more in your final essay, but this should be a focused essay on at least one point you plan on making in your final essay. (If you change your mind and go in another direction, you will not be held to using this thesis, but for planning purposes, come as close as you can to what you think you are going to do in your final essay.)

This will require you to focus and narrow your thesis very strictly to something you can do in this limited amount of space. Instead of trying to make three or more points, focus on only one. You will use the analytical skills you have been developing in doing this paper. Find at least two sources which will help you develop that point.

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